When she started working with PEP, Joanne was suffering from stress and anxiety. She was signed off from work and her sick pay had recently run out, meaning that she had no source of income and was getting into debt. Joanne was providing care and support for both her parents, and stress and anxiety were causing her to withdraw from activities she had previously enjoyed doing. She was becoming isolated and finding it more and more difficult even to spend time with her family.

PEP supported Joanne to access counselling services and mental health support groups, as well as community employment support so that she could start thinking about first steps back into work. The PEP Debt Outreach Worker supported Joanne to make a successful claim for Employment Support Allowance and to start sorting out her rent arrears. Joanne has started jogging again and is going to a regular exercise class. She says she feels more motivated, happier and more confident in herself.