Mark became depressed after his father passed away, so his GP referred him to PEP for some support. Mark was caring for his elderly mum and his brother who had learning difficulties. He also had three children who didn’t live with him, but who he saw regularly.

Mark’s PEP link worker referred him to Carers Leeds for bereavement counselling and support, and also to the Barca Leeds counselling service for one to one support. His link worker also supported him to complete a referral form for one of his children to receive pastoral support at school.

While supporting Mark, PEP has also provided information and support to other members of his family. This has included information about Cruse bereavement services, details of the local elderly network for his mother, free and low-cost social and family activities, counselling advice, and local support groups for women experiencing domestic abuse. As well as supporting Mark’s family members, these interventions have helped to reduce Mark’s own stress and anxiety levels since his family is happier.