Paul had been suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks for more than ten years since the death of his daughter and was not eating or sleeping. He had recently started having suicidal thoughts. Paul did not want to start taking medication for his depression; instead he was looking for support in the community to manage and overcome his mental health issues.

The PEP link worker helped Paul to access counselling and supported him and his family with their benefit claims. The link worker also signposted Paul to free legal aid to support him through a court case, and referred him to local charities where he could get appliances and furniture for his home. Since working with PEP, Paul’s anxiety and depression have reduced, he has put on weight, is sleeping better and is more motivated. Paul said: “I would not be
here today if it was not for your support. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family. I have only been able to make these changes because of you.”