Anger as man offers free rent for younger women to be ‘roommate with benefits’


A man posted an advert online saying he was looking for a ‘live-in girlfriend’ or a ‘roommate with benefits’, and the woman, who must be younger, would pay no bills

A man has posted an inappropriate advert seeking a ‘live-in girlfriend’ or ‘roommate with benefits’ – who must be a younger woman and who will pay no rent.

In the post, the man explains that he is looking for a single woman, aged between 18 and 35, with no STDs or ‘crazy ex-boyfriend stalkers’.

They will be able to move into his ‘upscale’ home, given a key so they can ‘come and go as they please’, and will even be given access to a new-ish car to drive.

An image of the advert has been shared on Reddit and users were quick to mock the post, saying it was a ‘good deal for us broke students’.

The original advert reads: “If you are a younger single female (18-35) and are looking for a great place to live as part of a roommate with benefits or a live-in girlfriend type of arrangement, then this post might be what you are looking for!

“I’m a single independent caucasian male, looking for a drama-free female to come and share my upscale home with me. I have no criminal record, non-smoker, non-drinker, etc.

“If we both like each other, you would stay here and you wouldn’t have to pay for any home expenses so that you can save everything that you earn for yourself.

“This is a simple drama free arrangement that will provide you with a safe place to live as well as banking all of your earnings. You will be given your own key as you can come and go as you please. Upscale neighbourhood.

“In addition, use of a newer car could be provided too. No smoking, drugs, pets, STDs or crazy ex-boyfriend stalkers.

“Please respond here with some basic info about yourself as well as your current situation. Pics are a plus but are not required now.”

After the post was shared on Reddit, other users commented their opinion – and most people seemed divided.

One said: “I’ve seen posts with women actually looking for someone to fulfil some type of arrangement like this. It’s all crazy, in my opinion.”

And another said: “He’s a sugar daddy, aren’t there women looking exactly for this?

“Someone called it prostitution, shouldn’t free people be allowed to do with their bodies what they see fit even if it’s exchanging sex for rent? Why doesn’t the ‘my body my choice’ crowd actually support unfettered freedom of choice?”

And another added: “Not delusional, just a prostitution offer. Plenty of these posts all over any city’s craigslist site, and if you are reading this, it could even be happening in your city!”

“So, as long as I’m a female with no boyfriend and no crazy ex-boyfriend, I could potentially live rent-free with my own set of keys so that I could come and go as I please”, asked another user.

“Then, I could procure a boyfriend outside of my living situation and profit there as well. Sweet. No downside.”