Nan leaves worshippers speechless after going to church in a very risqué outfit


The anonymous woman apparently didn’t realise her scarf had a very rude print on it, but it’s hard to see how she couldn’t have noticed it was covered in penises

A grandmother left worshippers speechless after turning up to church in a very risqué outfit – and apparently, she hadn’t noticed the rude print on her scarf.

An image of the anonymous woman was shared on Reddit, and it shows her stood near the front of the congregation wearing a pink shawl that has a very unusual green print on it.

It appears that the large green shapes on the fabric are an array of penises, and honestly, it’s difficult to imagine they could be anything else.

But apparently, the woman had no idea and thought they must have been something else, and now her innocent mistake has left internet users in stitches.

One person said: “I just spit out my drink looking at this,” another person agreed.

Someone else joked: “When you don’t know how to flirt in the modern sexual age…”

“My stoney-faced prude of a grandmother would have 100 per cent worn this shirt and been none the wiser,” commented another person.

Someone else asked: “Who let her wear that? Poor Grandma!”

“Wow, I bet she didn’t even know what she was buying,” commented another person.

“Maybe…maybe she thinks its cucumbers?” guessed one viewer.

And another user added: “I want the follow-up pic of her face when her granddaughter tells her back at home that she was covered in penises at church.”

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