Irene had a long history of clinical depression and self-harm and suffered from arthritis.
When PEP first met her, she was not sleeping properly and was struggling to look after herself. She owed money to a number of door lenders and the stress of her debt repayments was increasing her low mood.

PEP worked with Irene to identify simple goals to help her manage her depression and self-harm, such as taking regular showers, sleeping in her bed and getting out of the house more regularly.
PEP referred Irene to Leeds City Occupational Therapy for support to fit a walk-in shower that would be easier to use.
Irene also met the PEP Debt Outreach Worker who helped her write off a large proportion of her debts and develop a plan for paying the rest.
PEP supported Irene to find a befriender through her local elderly neighbourhood network, and to apply for a companion bus pass so that her neighbour can accompany her to leave the house more regularly.