What People Say

“You are a very kind and genuine person that I can trust. I didn’t trust services before because of the bad experiences I had. You are the sort of person that people can open up to and you will help them. Thank you so much for everything you have done I am so grateful.”

“I have had a brilliant experience with PEP, happy to work with the PEP team and the work you have done. Was nice that you kept me updated and did what you said you would do. You came to see me and made me feel better. I want you all to know how marvellous you are.”

“I am always singing your praises and telling people they should refer to PEP as you have helped me so much. I didn’t know anyone when I moved to Leeds and you have told me about so many different opportunities or things that I can try. I don’t have to do them but I know about them.”

“This is the only service that has listened and really understood how I feel. I was so nervous at seeing people and joining in groups, because of your kindness and understanding I am now managing to attend peer support and looking forward to counselling. “